Monday, May 17, 2010


Katie asked me to do Mickey Mouse favors for her daughter's birthday party.  I said yes, but I did not share that I was TERRIFIED!!!  (Sorry to admit it, Katie!) love 'em.  I panic at the thought of decorating a cookie like 'em.  Seriously!!!  Remember those Spongebob cupcakes and cookies?  Yeah - stressed for weeks over those.  Characters look a certain way - cartoon characters, especially!  If the cookie artist (that would be me), even makes one small tweak, the character could look WAY OFF.  

Anyway, I sucked it up and did them.  I thought they came out fine...what do you think?  

My son could spot this symbol on any
car antenna at the age of 18 months.
Sad, but true.
Okay - the ears.
Yes, those sideburns do look a little
Hey, who knew that Mickey and Elvis
had something in common?
I can find every single flaw in this,
I will not do that.
I did have a moment of accomplishment
that kept me going...
...long enough to finish all 15!
AND even throw in 2 Minnie's
for Katie's girls.
Happy Birthday, Bella!
Thanks, Katie.


  1. We are always our own harshest critic! They turned out amazing and I will quote my husband..."relax, it's only a cookie" he tells me that everytime i stress out about decorating ;)

  2. You shouldn't have given it a second totally nailed these cookies! Perfection! Doesn't it feel good to have the first ones under your you won't stress the next time someone asks for Mickey/Minnie!

    I love looking at your creations, tfs!


  3. Wow if you are questioning your ability to decorate any kind of cookie and have been doing it (well) for a while and me just having started not even 3months ago really questions my ability, boy I have a LONG road ahead of me!! LOL You did great on these. Shoot I come to your site to get ideas and inspiration all the nailed these!!