Friday, May 21, 2010

Cookies for a Cure!

I was happy to donate some of my cookies to a friend who was helping to raise money for The Race.  I went with a pretty literal cookie design, but I have some fun ideas for next time!

Thanks, Jenn!
I'm glad I could donate
to such a special cause.


  1. You should participate in the race too! It's a lot of fun. What a great idea for fund raising. I was planning on baking some of these for my friends who are running. I would love to know what ideas you were mulling around with :) If you care to share!

  2. Hi, Great cookies! I have just found your blog and have enjoyed viewing your posts and seeing your cookie creating journey. I volunteer part time and I have been making and decorating cookies today for a fun day we are having the cookie,Is that a cookie cutter you used?

    See you again soon
    Priscilla x