Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Batter Up!

So behind on blogging, but I'm still here baking away!!!

Kerri asked me to make some baseball cookies for her nephew's baseball game several weeks ago.  I baked them, took a few pics, decorated them and sent them off!  All without taking pics of the final product.  Luckily, the sweet girl that she is took some pics for me!  The team is Fremont.

The hat shape was a little odd.
I played around with it a bit and
decided to do my own shape with icing.

Next time I think I'll just cut that
strange squarish part off!
"F" is for Fremont!
(Thanks for the photo, Kerri!)
Here is the baseball sans stitching!
With the stitching!
(Thanks for the photo, Kerri!)

Play Ball!
"You can tell by Collin's smile
that he was thrilled with the cookies."

Thanks for the
fun order, Kerri!  


  1. They really did love them! Thanks again!!

  2. I love making baseballs! The hat is adorable!