Friday, May 14, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle!

Kelly asked me to do jungle cupcakes for her daughter, Brianna's 2nd bday.  Her son is in my son's preschool class.  She gave me this birthday hat for inspiration...
I just loved the fun colors and cute little animals!  I always get a little nervous about orders that are not cookies, but I was excited too.  After all, cupcakes are kinda like cookies, right?  The frosting is so different though!

I decided to go with three different cupcakes in a butter cake flavor...elephants, snakes (like that little purple guy you see near the bottom of the hat) and lions!

Let's start with the snake.
Hello Cupcake!
Green grass!
I just loved the grass...didn't even
want to decorate on it!
But the snake came out cute!
(Notice the "2" shape!)

Next up...elephants!

But it looks so masculine.
This was for a 2 year old girl!
Next was the STAR!
Can you see her??
Now that's a jungle!!!
No...THAT'S a jungle!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Brianna!
Thanks, Kelly!  This was so fun!


  1. OMG Dawn these are awesome! You shouldn't have fears about non-cupcakes...these are so darn cute

  2. Wow, these are stinkin' adorable. If I had to pick a fav, it would have to be the lion, but they are all so cute. You nailed these cupcakes for sure!


  3. After making my own decorated cupcakes, I am in awe. These are incredible and must have taken FOREVER!!!!! Love.

  4. These are amazing! What a talent you have.