Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That Silly Yellow Guy...

If you would have asked me two months ago what I knew about Spongebob, I would have replied that he is yellow.  That's it.  If you would have asked me to draw him, I would not even know where to begin!  Well, last week I had the honor of PIPING him onto cookies and cupcakes.  My husband thinks I'm absolutely crazy.  I have never considered myself "artistic" and I even struggle with sidewalk chalk drawings (although my son would disagree).

When Traci asked me to do some cupcakes and cookies for her son's 5th Birthday, I happily took on the challenge!!!  I've never even watched an episode of the show!  I did my usual internet scouring for inspiration and also DVR'd an episode.  Here's my take on the yellow dude.

That sea of yellow (kind of reminiscent of those Lego cookies).
I kept the first frosting coat smooth so his features would pop.
There he is.  Whew.
My favorite part?
Those little green "bubbles" he has all over his face.
Whoa - Spongebob-o-rama!

I broke it up with some sparkly number 5s.
I like the color combo.
And you know how much I like that sparkle!

Onto the cupcakes...two dozen yellow for the party.  I used this book for the yummy recipe..

There are so many recipes to choose from!!!

Not completely naked...but needs more!
Hi!  I made a dozen Spongebobs...
...and piped some "water" on the other dozen
to top with cut out fives from fondant.
I love the combo!!!

Spongebob can be somewhat sophisticated!

Happy 5th Birthday, Brock!!!
Hope it was fun!


  1. very cute! I love the cookies! I would have stressed out so much about the cupcakes, but yours turned out perfect!

  2. C&C - I WAS a little stressed out over them! :) You are so sweet to always comment. I love your blog too! :)

  3. Adorable! I love the colors on Spongebob! This is fabulous!
    I cannot believe what you did with the cupcakes though!

  4. Ok seriously. You have outdone yourself AGAIN!! These are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! You did such a great job.. the colors are awesome. What's next chickie?