Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Final Fling Before the Ring!

My house is on the mend.  Last week I made lots of cookies in between taking care of my little sickie.  It was a long week, but she's all better now.  Thanks to my friends for help and prayers.

So back to blogging!

My friend, Lia wanted 15 cookie favors for a bachelorette party she was going to in Chicago over the weekend.  We thought it would be appropriate to take the bikini cookies and make them into fun sparkly bras.  Her friend is also a "pearl girl" so I added a cute little necklace too.

Here they are!

My outline.
This time I "flooded" them for a smooth finish.  
Then I coated them in some fancy sparkle!
Lia thought the dots were necessary!
I agree.
Ready for some fun!
Off to Chi-Town!
"Final Fling Before the Ring!!!"

Thanks, Lia!!!!
I hope the party was great!


  1. So fun watching them come together on your blog! They turned out so so cute. Everyone absolutely loved them - and as I told you, thought they tasted SO GOOD too! Yummy

    I will absolutely be utilizing your services again... Perhaps with your new cookie cutter????? We shall see ;)

    You're the best

  2. Dawn,

    Lia brought these up to Chicago for my bachelorette and I can't thank you and Lia enough! First what an amazing surprise from Lia and second, you are amazingly creative! We all enjoyed them so much and can't stop talking about how cute they are. I snuck one back home to Texas with me and the groom loved the cookie too!

    Thanks again to both you and Lia!!!