Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I got a message from my "makeup girl" at Saks last week asking me to make bikini top cookies for a friend who just had surgery.  I did not have a bikini cutter, but I saw the most darling bikini cookies made using a heart cutter.  I actually liked them better than the actually bikini cutter.  She wanted a very girly pink.  I think they came out pretty cute.

Thanks, Sue!
I hope your friend enjoyed them!

Onto Barbie...I also got a last minute order from a friend, Amy, for a birthday cake!  My first cake order!  Her daughter, Lydia, turned two and loves Barbies!  Yes, a 2 year-old Barbie addict.  How cute is that?  I decided to go with the Barbie Silhouette because I was short on time.  When Amy came to pick it up, she gasped.  She had another friend make some cookies and she used the silhouette too!  So it all matched and she didn't even intend on that!   

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lydia!

Inside the sea of pink is a yellow cake.  I am still looking for the most tasty yellow cake recipe.  Amy gave me great feedback and I'm ready for another try!  Thanks, Amy!  


  1. I love the bikinis with the hearts! I have an order for later in March and I was going to use that technique! Hope mine come out as cute as yours!

  2. Just saw this Dawn! Thanks for the cookies. I think they were a hit!