Monday, March 1, 2010

Belated Super-Bash Pix...better late than never!

It's been a really rough week here in my household.  Not only did I have the most orders I've had in one week, but my daughter was sick...pretty darn sick...albuterol-breathing-treatments-for-7-days-and-not-much-sleep-sick!!!  So I feel extremely behind on updating my blog.  Ben's party seems like forever ago.  Paige actually developed all this yuckiness the day after the party.  Remember this post and cute picture?  Well, that was her happy during the party.  She woke up the following morning at 5am and hasn't been the same since.  We're praying for a complete turnaround by the end of this week.

Anyway, here are some highlights from the party and then I will move on to the mega orders I had last week!

Ready for some guests!!!

Love my Cricut cutter...

Healthy and happy Paige with Daddy
all decked out in their super hero gear!
Scott is truly a SUPER-husband.  He is the most
flexible, understanding, helpful, and supportive
guy out there.  He let's me go at it with all my little obsessions
and interests.  He puts up with a lot of busy-ness
as birthdays approach.
 He never fails to support and encourage me.
And...he coordinates his attire with each party with no complaints.
LOVE him!
Again, love my Cricut!  This is Ben's banner,
but what a terrible picture!
The cake...I learned a lot from the whole experience!
Super-Ben on top!
He LOVED the singing this year!
Hmmm...must be FOUR!
This is the darling shirt that Colleen from TUTEES made for Ben
(remember those Lego cookies for her son?).
She and her mom took Ben's
invitation logo and turned it into a shirt!
Thanks, Ladies!
The chocolate was much better than the white
(although Janine would disagree - she LOVED the white).
Ben's peeps.
A couple friends had already left,
but this was the majority of the crew!
Playing "Pin the Mask on Super-Ben!"
It was harder than I thought it would be!
Super-Ben compliments of my friend, Keri!
Again, my girl before she got sick!
Just enjoying her bro's party.
This is my DEAR friend, Lia - 
The ULTIMATE helper.  Thanks, Babe!
When your day comes to have a birthday party for your kids,
I'll be there to be your helper!
Super-Ben among his Super-Friends!
My Super-Fam!

145 days until Paige's 2nd Birthday Party...
But who's counting?


  1. Yayy!! So good to see the pics from such a GREAT day. Everything was just AWESOME! Everything looked (and tasted) perfect!

    So glad we could be there to celebrate with you. Can't wait for Paigey's #2 - It will be here before you know it!

  2. Loved the white cake for sure! Said I would take it on a desert island with me (husband was a little taken back that I would choose that instead of him, but so worth it)! YUM, YUM!!