Tuesday, February 16, 2010


If you know me, then you know I'm in process of preparing for my son's 4th birthday this weekend.  I love parties - especially the baking, decorating, and cooking part!  Of course, I had to get my son a shirt to match his invitation!

Again - this is the work of my friend, Robin!
You will remember her from the cellophane post, as well as knowing her as
the creator of my logo for SugarChic.

So where am I going with this?  Robin knows of a great etsy seller who embroiders shirts and makes sweet little tutus.  I didn't need a tutu, but I loved the idea of a cool shirt.  Well, because I am slightly obsessed with coordinating everything, I got in touch with Colleen from Tutees to design a shirt using Ben's Super-Ben logo from his invitation.  (Pictures will come soon.  She and her mom do fantastic work.)  Anyway, she got a peek at my blog and ordered 15 lego cookie favors for her son's 3rd birthday.  She happens to be local so we met at Panera to do the exchange this morning!

I didn't take a ton of pics (pretty tired after all those hearts),
but I did get enough to give you an idea!
I wasn't sure where I would go with this.
I had actually thought about using m&ms, but I don't care for a lot of candy on top of my cookies.  So I played around with the consistency of the icing and got it just right for the look I was wanting for the little connector doo-dads on legoes!  Hehe!

In the end, I was really pleased with them!

And EVEN happier when they were packaged and tagged...


Gotta love those connections!

Happy 3rd Birthday, AJ!
I hope you and your friends enjoyed the cookies!

Up next?
Super-Ben...wish me luck!


  1. The cookies were a HUGE hit. The moms and dads all went crazy. Thanks again Dawn. Totally worth braving the cold!

  2. Colleen! So glad they were a hit. I hope I can do more in the future. They were fun. :)