Monday, February 15, 2010

Don't Go Breakin' My Heart...

It was a week full of love!  It's a good thing I love decorating cookies...I did a lot of it!

Thank you to Christine, Margaret and Susan for your orders!  I hope you and your loved ones enjoyed them.

Here's the rundown...

 As always...naked.

The pallette...

And I would like to thank Christine from Captured By Christine for giving me this lovely photo idea.  I just loved it when you did it with the snowflake cookies.  :)

Lots of Love!!!

I also made little candy cookies, but I forgot to take pics of them.
I have this one, but that's it!

These were my favorite...I still have a LOVE for those sugared ones!
Simple, yet so CHIC!

The swirl detail was my husband's fave!

I also tried out some new packaging on Christine's cookies.  She wanted Valentine cookies for her girls as Valentine's Day gifts.  I spiced them up a little with two of my favorite love for paper & ribbon and my Cricut.  (I'm not a scrapbooker...I just love scrapbooking stuff!)

Then, of course, my kids had to get in on the heart action.  I made them each ONE cookie as part of their Valentine's Day sweet treat.  

My sweethearts.

After posing...
Ben ate his cookie very carefully, as if his name
were made out of diamonds.
Total Eclipse of the Heart!

Paige was different.

She prefers the frosting to the cookie.  She picked her name off the best she could.  :)

So girly...don'tcha think?

I hope you all had a
Happy Hearts Day!!!


  1. Where do you find the time - these are awesome! So happy you are doing something you love so much and are so darn good at! Congratulations!