Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

After much anticipation on my son's part (3 days of "WHEN, MOM???"), we're finished.  The cookies for Ben's class party are complete and the mess is cleaned up!

Here's how it went...

I went with scalloped...not sure why.  I was just in the mood.

We decided on purple icing because Ben is in the "purple" room.  I gave him an assortment of sprinkles and sugars...still trying to have some control over the situation!

Oh!  The waiting...

After THREE hand washings
(because he insisted on touching everything while he waited),
we finally began.

I decided that we would need to do this together.  I kept envisioning frosting in crevices that I was not really wanting to clean.  So we decided which child's cookie it would be, I piped the icing on and he chose sprinkles for that particular friend.  He was cool with this.  We actually made it a fun beginning sound game (can't help that teacher in me).  

He really did think about the colors he was choosing for each buddy.
After he completed each sprinkle job, I wrote that child's name.

Then he chose the candy heart color.
And he totally GIGGLED when we got to Sadie's name.
(Eat your heart out, Christine!)

As much as I made him feel like he was making all the decisions
it was still under my control.  I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but it sure worked for me!
Not to mention, he had fun until...

Halfway into it, he got bored.  This was his look as I prodded him to finish.
All he wanted was the "practice" one we did first TO EAT.  At this moment, I realized that he may enjoy eating cookies much more than decorating them.  

Then I looked over at her...
...ever so carefully decorating!

She was in heaven.  She did not care about eating it at all!
My apprentice.  Hehe!

She did like licking her creation off though.

All in all, it was fun for Ben and I'm sure he'll walk into his school loaded with pride tomorrow.

Happy Valentine's Day
to the Purple Room!!!!

And to my boy!

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  1. How sweet to have little helpers :)
    The cookies turned out great!