Monday, April 12, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This week I had the opportunity to do cookies for Cynthia again.  I made spider web cookies back in January for her son's 4th bday.  This time the cookies were for her daughter who turned 1 last week!  The theme was flowers - specifically, hot pink, light pink, and white.  I LOVE DOING FLOWERS.  So I jumped right on it!

A variety of flowers for Miss Hailey...

I sugared the middle of these...
I did some variety with the 3 colors from the theme.

The tulips also got sugar.
I just couldn't help it.  :)
She planned to put them around the
party in "pots".
More variety!

All wrapped up for cookie favors!
It's never easy to say goodbye!
Happy 1st Birthday, Hailey! you've grown!

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