Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This weekend was my second real order.  When will I stop counting them?  At 3 or 4?  Maybe 100?  Anyway, the order was for a dozen cookie favors for a 4 year old's Spiderman birthday party.  Mom was really flexible and not specific about what she wanted - left a lot of the creativity to me!  :)  Immediately, I thought I would do Spiderman faces, webbing and all.  I had seen so many examples on the internet.  Once it came down to it, I got nervous.  I was nervous that the webbing would not be symmetrical and perfect.  So after a few practice cookies, I changed my design.  I decided to go with "The Essence of Spiderman."  I had already made the oval-shaped cookies so I just went with that.

I sugared them in red (because I have a healthy addiction to colored sugar - I just love the effect).

Then I piped a partial web with a whimsical spider.  I like to think that "whimsy" is my style so I tried to keep it real for me and still capture Spiderman.  I am not saying I will never step outside of my whimsical box, but at this point, I'm still learning!  She was the perfect client for me to take this little risk because she was so easy!

I finished them off with a 4 for the birthday boy and packaged them up with a
coordinating ribbon and tag.
(Sorry about the poor quality of the picture.
It's from my phone.  I totally forgot to snap a shot of the finished product!)

Happy 4th Birthday Carter!

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  1. Love the spiderman cookies - so perfect! You are so talented! You have to find a good tasting dairy/egg free cookie recipe for my boys!