Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let it Snow!

A good friend (and "Entrepreneur Extraordinaire") of mine, Christine, asked me to make some snowflake cookies for a party her daughter, Ellie, was having on Tuesday afternoon.  Well, I did not hestitate!  Snowflakes are right in my wheel house!  THAT'S the kind of cookie I truly enjoy decorating.  I was gone all day Monday so I baked them in the morning before we left and iced/decorated them after the kids went to bed around 8pm.  They were nice and fresh for the party on Tuesday!  I had so much fun packaging them in the pretty ribbon.  Can I just say...tying ribbon around a cookie favor is almost more fun than making them!  Almost.  I HEART ribbon.

So Christine also happens to be a fabulous photographer and some of these pictures are compliments of her!  Check out her amazing work:

An assortment of snowflakes all packaged and pretty.

Some with silver glitter...

...some with pretty little hearts...

...and some with a neat design.

All unique!!

Thanks, Christine!  I hope the girls had a great party!

Then of course we have the girls' initials.
I have to do SOMETHING with that extra dough!


  1. Dawn, how do you decorate so well? I can never get the detail. Did you take a class?

  2. No classes yet - just a lot of internet self-teaching and practice! I have also bought a couple great books on cookie decorating. I hope to get better over the next year. I'm just starting to feel more comfortable with the piping bag. :)

  3. Love your cookies, especially the snowflake with the heart in the middle! How sweet is that?!
    I also love your boxes and logo. Great work!

  4. Those cookies are adorable! Sugar cookies are so fun to make and the decorating options are endless!

  5. Not only were they beautiful... they were delicious!!