Monday, April 12, 2010

A little something different!

So I have been struggling with my son who has decided he does not need to take his daily nap.  Sigh...  Last week was hard.  At one point, I just gave in and we made cookies.  We haven't made my "super skinny chocolate chip cookies" in a LONG time.  So we got to work!
We got our ingredients ready.
This recipe started out as the classic Tollhouse
recipe.  I played with it over the past few years
tweaking it here and there.  I finally came up
with a cookie that is very healthy
but still delicious (we think)!
It's FULL of fiber (whole wheat flour, flax meal,
& wheat germ), has very little fat
(applesauce & ricotta cheese )
and still has that wonderful chocolate chip
flavor (dark chocolate).  
The non-napper is ready.  Ugh.
"My body is just not tired."
"Are they done yet?"
The dough is VERY sticky.
I use parchment paper for almost all of
my baking, but it is a MUST for these!
They are lacking fat so they will stick!!!
Believe it or not - they are soooo soft.
Taste test...
I guess that's good!
I don't even mind giving him seconds.
This is the perfect afternoon snack!  
If you're wondering, they are worth
2 points on the weight watchers plan.
Not bad.
Although, I am going to cut back
to just a cup of the chocolate chips to get it closer
to just 1 point on the plan.  Then I can have 2!
Happy Baking!!

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  1. awesome recipe! my littlest guy stopped napping at 18 months. It became more of a fight to get him to lay down and stay than it was I definitely get it :)