Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ladybug Love

Just when I think this cookie decorating is just too much for me, I go and have so much fun with it.  We had some friends for dinner the other night and when they left, I was so tired.    I really just wanted to go to bed.  Two dozen cookies were calling my name.  I colored the frosting to match invitations for a fun party - the colors instantly perked me up!

Jen placed an order for 2 dozen cookies for her daughter's 3rd bday party.  She sent me this pic for inspiration.
Cute, huh?
We decided on ladybugs, flowers and sparkly number threes!

The beginning of a ladybug.
Do you see it?
I decided to add some pizazz to the black areas.
Love the bright pink!
So fun!

The colors were bright and sweet!
Perfect for a 3 year old's bday party!
Thick and soft!

Thanks Jen!
Happy Birthday
to your
Sweet Little Ladybug!


  1. OH! THEY SPARKLE! I love the ladybugs! What a great idea, to have the sanding sugar on the black like that! ♥

  2. very cute!!I have to get some black sanding sugar!

  3. C&C - it's not black!!! It's actually white on black icing. I find that black sugar bleeds too much. White worked just find. In fact, I'm thinking I may use white more often on top of the color. It has a nice sparkly effect. :)

  4. I surely love everything you do, from your cookies to your pictures. I am impressed on how flat your cookies are, I'll keep on trying with mine, I think i'll copy the sugar trick too, it looks great.
    maria rosa