Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cookie Catch Up

For the sake of time and many upcoming orders, I am going to show several orders in one post.  Someday I will be caught up...right?

Meredith ordered bras for a bachelorette party and sparkly Ms for the bridal shower.

Thanks, Meredith!
I'm looking forward to doing your
80s cookies this weekend!

Jennifer requested soft animals for a baby shower.
These were some of my faves!

 What a sweet elephant, right?

Diana asked for her daughter's HS colors and new college colors.

My wonderful friend, Marcie, had a fun bday party for her 3 year old twins.  The party was Dora AND Ariel.  That's what you get with twin girls who are very girly!
We went with cookie lollies in their favorite colors!
Happy Bday Aiden and Addy!

Finally, my friend, Tammy, is attending a retail biz conference and asked for cookies for the attendees.  The conference is in Vegas next week.
Simple with a little Vegas flair.

Thanks to all of you!  I'm so blessed to do this!


  1. Fun! Love the lion! Great job.

    I also love your packaging for your strawberry cookies! Super cute!


  2. I don't know where to start or which post I like the best. They are all amazing.

    Moving, baking, mom and wife, how do you do it, girl?

    Check out the front page of my store and click on the 'Yes to the dress' item. These are such a cute idea! Thought you would like