Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hole In One

I have been wanting to do golf cookies for a long time!  The trouble is - when you are one mommy making cookies for others on a weekly basis, you are rarely able to venture out to explore the designs in your head!  So when Kate ordered a load of golf cookies for her son's 2nd birthday, I was excited!

Luckily, Kate wanted a variety of designs.  I enlisted my usual sources of inspiration (Sugarbelle and various google results on the internet) and also used Kate's ideas.

A variety of platter cookies - she asked for a few dozen!
I love the coordination of colors with pops of white golf balls and different textures.
 I love a little embellished initial!
The birthday boy is Aidan.
I can't take complete credit for this design
(it's all over the internet),
but I did add my "sugar" for a little "chic" effect.
Oh, and I thought the little candy ball
(also known as a dragee) was a cute touch.

  Me trying to be creative with my camera.
 This was Kate's idea!
Cookie pops for decor...
"Aidan 2" to reflect "Titleist 2"...
pretty clever, huh?
I forgot to take pics of the favors all packaged, but
I made Petite Stacks of mini golf balls for Aidan
to give to his party guests.

Thank you, Kate!
I hope Aidan's PARty was a hole in one!

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  1. che meraviglia, sono splendidi, hai delle mani d'oro e dio mi sono innamorata delle tue creazioni e del tuo blog, brava brava brava!!!!
    a presto,