Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to Marilyn!

My MIL came to visit last weekend.  She is such a stylish lady with a love for RED lipstick.
See?  I can't imagine her ever wearing any other color.

She kisses the kids and gets it all over them.  She's teaching Paige how to put it on.  We tell her when it's on her teeth.  It's just her signature thing.  So for her birthday celebration, I made two of her favorite things into cookies...
Jesus and red lipstick.

Scott bought some hideous mini cakes at the grocery store (so sad that a baker can't get her act together half the time!).  I decided to fancy them up with the cookies.
Still a hot mess, but a bit better.  :)
Happy Birthday, Marilyn!
We love you and your lipstick!

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