Sunday, April 10, 2011

A BRIGHT Birthday!

SugarChic has reconnected me with so many old friends.  I taught with Laurel before I stopped working to stay home.  It has been 5 years!  Laurel is an art teacher.  I was a bit intimidated to do cookies for an ART teacher, but I think she was very excited to see them match her vision.  The cookies were for her daughter's birthday.  She asked for 2 dozen platter cookies and 5 dozen SugarChic Petites to match.

Laurel gave me this to match colors and shapes.
Fun, huh?  So many possibilities!!
Which direction should I go?

I kinda went EVERYWHERE!!!
 zebra stripes...
 funky flowers
 sparkly hearts...
stripey stars!

Can't forget the Petites...
Happy Birthday, Claire!
Thanks, Laurel!!!


  1. L0VE THE COLOURS! gosh Dawn! you do such a unique and fun cookie!

  2. WOW!!!! Love the colors!!! I just bought the Electric colors from Ameri Gel..Can't wait to get them...So inspiring! TFS!!!

  3. These are beautiful... love the colors.

  4. You intimidated?! You are so artistic yourself with your cookies!