Sunday, January 23, 2011

Super Mario

Cynthia is a returning customer (gotta love that) and this time ordered 3 dozen cookie favors for her son's Super Mario 5th birthday party.  She gave me the option of doing mushrooms or coins.  I chose both!
 I decided to hand cut these.
They had to the be that
just-right-Super-Mario-mushroom shape. 
 I also decided to outline in black to make
the colors stand out.
They're alive!
 The sparkly coin!
Happy 5th Birthday, Carter!
As always, thank you Cynthia!


  1. The mushrooms were totally going to be my next cookie! I love them! Super Great Job!

  2. okay.......I say this every time I see a new creation, but these are the best so far! They are amazing. My sons name is Carter too, he will be so jealous!

  3. Wow. These are incredible! The mushrooms are amazing! You are so skilled.