Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Super Hero Birthday!

Emily contacted me about her sons' super hero party.  She liked the cookies I did for Ben's 4th bday party  but she also had a great idea for those fun comic book words.  We decided to go with those and her son's ages (1 & 3).

 I drew and then hand cut the shapes.
This turned out to be a fun process!
I forgot to take pics of the 1s, but you get the idea!
I loved the fun colors!

Thanks, Emily!

I hope your little super heros had a great party!


  1. Ummm -- I flat-out LOVE those word cartoon cookies! They are so perfect for a little boy birthday...and the textures....Great job!

  2. Thanks, girls. They were fun!

  3. Thanks Dawn!
    The cookies were a huge hit, and looked so cute on the table! And they taste AMAZING! I could have eaten them all myself - unfortunately, there were none leftover :).