Sunday, February 21, 2010


Okay, so I just have to post a peek before I hit the sack.  I knew I couldn't wait until tomorrow.  I'm really struggling with whether or not I should post pictures from the party on this blog.  So tonight I will post the cookies (since they are technically baking pictures).  I got the inspiration from this talented baker.

Naked super heroes...

Color palette and a sweet little cake topper I ordered from
She made it to match Ben's invitation logo.  

Panic mode setting in, but I am noticing that it comes and goes much faster than it used to!
Yay! That must mean I'm gaining more confidence.  :)
It doesn't help that Scott asked why I was making "angels".
Good Lord!

(I got into the decorating and forgot to take pics
so we move right into the finished products...)

Super-Ben x 2 dozen!!!

I prefer a softer icing to royal icing so I just kept it thick and piped it rather than
smooth it over the cookies.  I kinda like the effect.
The icing dries hard enough to package,
but it still has a wonderful texture when it hits the heat of your bite.

Ready for all Ben's Super-Friends!!!

I had a few extras to put out for the moms and dads.
Can't forget about Mommy and Daddy's friends!

I threw in a few of my sophisticated, sparkly favorites!
I love you sanding sugar!

Can you believe that we only had a few left?
I made about 4 dozen cookies and a big CAKE!!!
Thank you to all my friends and family who ate them.  :)

Cake pictures coming...(but I'm warning you - the cookies stole the cake's thunder!)


  1. They look great! I have that dilemma over the royal vs. the softer. I like the royal look better, but the taste on the softer, I think is way better! What to do?

  2. I have to laugh at Scott because at first I thought "they are going to look like angels" :) but I've learned that what your cookies start out with - that's not how they look at the end - that's a compliment :) You can turn even an angel cutter into an awesome super hero. Those and the house cookies might be my favorite so far - they are awesome. I bet Ben was thrilled. I love how you seem to think of everything - how do you locate the toppers and such?

    Can't wait to see all the birthday pictures - if you don't post on here at least post on FB - or send me some. I love to look at your creations to get ideas - I was already thinking of a joint party for the boys in December and thinking of ideas :)

  3. ANOTHER question for you :) For your bag tags and even your signs (I'm thinking Paige's polka dot birthday party) do you use your cricut stuff or how do you print everything out? I will never be near as talented as you but enjoy using you as inspiration - I've already been trying to come up with a super cute theme for the boys in December - maybe a joint party. You truly do inspire me :)