Monday, January 17, 2011

A Good Excuse

Well...I'm behind again.  So many orders and so little time.  If it's any consolation, I've been working a lot on this...

Our house is for sale and getting it ready after living in it for 7 years has been a large job!  We started our journey as a family of 2 and end it here (hopefully) as a family of 5 (including Lucy).  So anyway, my time has been spent cleaning, staging, and from time to time, stressing!

Here are some orders I've neglected to post.  Please forgive the not-so-lovely photography.  Things have been busy and I found myself almost forgetting to take pics most of the time!

This was for a friend of mine, Lindsey.
Her son had a Disney party for turning 3
Thank you, Lindsey!!

Cupcakes and cookies for a baby shower.
The theme was booties and lots of PINK!
Thank you to my returning customer, Ashley!

Megan hosted a baby shower to match the
new baby's nursery!
It was fun to do these spring-like cookies
during a very cold and snowy week in Ohio!
Thanks, Megan!
These were just a fun little addition for my
dear friend, Barb.
We celebrated her birthday at PF Changs
and ended with a sparkly cookie.
It was a fun reason to do shoes.

I have more to post.
I hope to get back soon!

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  1. What I love about your cookies is they taste as great as they look!