Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lots of Thanks!

So...where have I been?

I hosted Thanksgiving this year.
Me, Tom and my handy-dandy recipes
stuck to the microwave.  So fancy.

It was actually a joint effort with two lovely friends of mine!
Happy Cooks.

They brought their families and we had an awesome evening together...LOTS of fantastic food (we all share an appreciation for good food and cooking)...kid chaos...LOTS of drinks (to withstand the kid chaos)...and alas, no SugarChic cookies.  Hehe.  It always happens that way for my own events.

Needless to say, 'Operation Thanksgiving' took a lot of my time this past week.  Then before that, I was working on a large order (which will be my next post).  In between all of this, my little Paigey decided to start climbing out of her crib.  We transitioned to a toddler bed and well, it didn't go so well for a few days.  There was not much sleep going on in our house.  

So now...I say thank you.  Thank you to those who have ordered any of my confections.  Thanks to strangers and fans from afar who have sent me sweet emails of praise.  Thanks to everyone who comments on my blog.  I love that.  Thank you to my friends who continue to encourage and support me as I stumble through this journey.  Thanks to my husband who deals with a messy kitchen and lots of sugar in crevices of our home after each batch of cookies.  Thanks to my kids who never get sick of sugar cookies and constantly tell mommy that I am the "best cookie baker ever" (a total line to get more cookies).  Okay, I just realized this is sounding like an acceptance speech.  You get the idea.  Seriously though - I am so grateful for what God has given me in more ways than one.  SugarChic has been a blessing in disguise.

On another note, I am also thankful for the invention of the video monitor, which got me through the "transition."  It was also nice that Paige decided to switch things up during a time when I had a little lull in my baking.  Whew.  

Just a few more fall pics that I never really got a chance to post...

It's almost been a year since I started this "little at-home baking biz" and I couldn't be more thankful for what it has become.  Cheers to my first Christmas holiday as SugarChic!

Back to baking...

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