Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Girly Evening.

A couple months ago, Cathy approached me to do some cookie favors for an annual Father Daughter Ball that the New Albany Children's Ballet was having.  I was so happy to do this!  We decided on 150 pink flowers packaged especially for the event.
I started with these.  It doesn't look like much
in the pic, but trust me - it was over 150.
These are 150 4 inch round plastic containers.
I thought I'd try something new for such a special evening.
Then we have some crinkle paper.
Oh, did I say SOME?
I mean 10 pounds!!!!!
I thought I would get smart and order wholesale.
I didn't even make a dent in the paper.
Real smart, Dawn.  I must have thought I was doing
150,000 cookie favors.  Goodness.
And these are the 3 inch stickers that I punched and peeled
to stick on the bottom of each container.
I swear this almost took as long as the baking!
This is the empty container.
The sticker says:
Baked Exclusively for the New Albany
Children's Ballet Theater Father Daughter Ball by
It listed my info and the ingredients.
Love this...that special touch of personalization.  
I filled each one with crinkle paper to cushion the cookie.

Speaking of cookies...
It was a late night, but I refused to do them over a couple days because I am all about fresh!!!

All the components came together to make some really cute favors for some well deserving daughters!!!
Packaged and ready for pickup by Cathy.
Cathy was so awesome to work with during this large order.

Thank you so much to Cathy for this unbelievable order.
I learned a lot about my process and I'm ready for
next week's challenge...
The New Albany Children's Ballet Theater Presents
SugarChic cookies will be for sale in their "Sweet Shoppe"
during each show.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of work to do.

Happy Holidays!!!


  1. These are beautiful Dawn!! You should be very proud of your work.

  2. Holy cow Dawn, those are amazing! What a great job!

  3. Dawn, I love how you packaged them!! So sweet!! Would you mind sharing with me how you do your labels?

  4. They look super sweet! Great job!! Kerri

  5. You are lucky BAD DOG did not get those cookies sitting on the floor. :) In all seriousness, those look incredible!

  6. TOTALLY Pinkalicious!!! Love these. They look absolutely gorgeous all packaged in those containers... Do you happen to have any extra crinkle paper?? ;)

  7. gorgeous! where did you find those round containers? they are precious!

  8. Love them!! I too would love to know where you got the containers from and all that crinkle paper? If you don't mind.

  9. Amazing job Dawn!! Love it!

  10. I LOVE the packaging. That was really innovative. And the cookies are so perfect in their cute simplicity. Love it.