Monday, November 15, 2010

Catching Up!

Well, I have been behind on my blog for weeks now.  I think it's just time to catch up all at once.  I am going to post my last few cookie designs in one post.  
These were for a very girly baby shower.
Ahhh...if only they all slept like this.
Thanks, Molly.
I did LOTS of soccer ball cookies for 2 separate orders.
Thanks, Tracy and Janine!
Girly Pirates!
Happy Birthday to Ruby.
Thanks, Alison!
Cookies for a new baby boy!
The Z and B were for the siblings, Beck and Zella.
Thanks, Marcie!
I did ghosts and candy corn for Halloween
(in addition to all those petites a few posts back).
I forgot to take pics of the candy corn.  :(
Thanks, Susan and Beth (absent candy corn customer)!

Okay, not that exciting, but I feel 100% better now.  I feel like I can move forward with my holiday baking with a clean slate!   I have one more big order to post and then back to baking again.

Off I go!

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