Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Go At The Kitty!

Way back in the summer, I did an order for that cute kitty we all know.  Well, I had to hand cut each cookie, decorate with detail and then ship them off to a person in PA.  It was quite a project that took place the same week I was packing for our vacation.  Whew!

Well, this order was much more pleasant and turned out to be one of my favorites so far!!!  Amy ordered cupcakes, platter cookies, and cookie favors for her daughter's birthday.  She gave me this card for inspiration.
Cute, right?
Outlined and ready...
I swear I admire these more than the finished product!
Remember how I handcut the last order for kitty cookies?  Well, not this time!
I took my tulip cutter and smooshed it in the middle
to get the cat shape.  I was thrilled when it actually worked!
I was really excited to step out of my comfort
zone here and outline the flower in black.
I thought it would really coordinate.
Splash of sparkle!
(Excuse the heinous lighting.
I probably took this at 1am.)
I like it!!!
Not only did I have a large tulip cutter,
I also had a mini!  TOO CUTE!
Itty bitty kitties!!!!
Love the assortment!
Stepped out of my "sparkly number" comfort
zone too.  I guess it was a big day for me!
In the end, I loved the black outline.  Loved.
I also made a few dozen cupcakes!
Thanks so much, Amy!  This was a great order.
I hope Abigail's 5th birthday was great.
Your party skills were amazing and I may steal
some of those fabulous ideas for Paige's party in July.