Monday, September 20, 2010

Mountain Bikes

I've known Amy since college.  We are sorority sisters and still friends this many years later.  Many = 17 years!  OMG!!!

Anyway, Amy has two sons and her family is very athletic!  They are always involved in running or biking or racing or SOMETHING.  Her son, Blake, turned 7 and had a mountain bike party.  So appropriate!

I wish I would have taken more pictures of the process, but these cookies kept me on my toes to the point where I simply forgot to get the camera out until the end.  

What did I learn from this order?
BE CAREFUL with this design.
Several of these bikes broke due to
the shape of the cutter.  It's very narrow in the center!

Thank you, Amy!
Happy Birthday, Blake!!!


  1. Another adorable creation! These are so so cute... Maybe you should try selling them at roll (the bike shop)

    Have a great Monday :)

  2. excellent!! I have made motorcycles before and was cursing at the end...great job!