Friday, July 9, 2010

Link Party!

So this last 24 hours has been rare.  I'm sick in bed and have all the time in the world to surf the internet.  The only problem?  I feel terrible!!!  Luckily, my next baking order is Sunday and I am about 50% better.  One more night and I should be good...I hope!  My husband has quarantined me to the bedroom so the kids stay well.  Kinda nice?  You would think!  WHY DO I MISS THEM SO MUCH?????  I hear them playing, laughing, enjoying each other and it's killing me.  Only a mother! I am with you and I'm sharing somewhat useful info. Ha!

One of the blogs I follow (thanks for introducing me to it, Jen V.) is hosting a "link party" - which is just a bunch of bloggers who are highlighting a post from their own blogs to showcase something they've done that could get featured on this cool blog.  I chose to highlight the Hello Kitty cookies I just did.

Crazy Domestic is the blog.  Check it out!  So FUN and informative!

Okay - back to healing and surfing.  More baking coming soon!  :)


  1. Feel better Dawn. You miss your kiddies because they make you happy, and when you are sick you just want to be happy.

  2. Your Hello Kitty Cookies are wonderful! Great choice. Feel better!