Sunday, July 11, 2010

How Sweet It Is... be a mom!!!  

So...I'm part of a fantastic group of women who also happen to be stay-at-home-moms.  It's MOMS Club - an organization that has helped me maneuver my way through motherhood for the past 4 years.  My children have met their closest friends through being involved in MOMS Club.  We always have something to do on any given day.   The support is unbelievable - there is always a mom to call who "gets it" and can help you through a moment.  I could go on and on!

This year I volunteered to co-chair the end-of-the-year banquet committee with my good friend, Robin.
Us!  Happy to see this event come together!

We gathered a great group of women and set out to execute the best banquet ever!
Dawn, Carrie, Alison, Sarah & Robin (not picture - Brooke)

The banquet is time to celebrate our accomplishments throughout the year and ALSO have a nice meal with a reason to dress up!  We named the evening "How Sweet It Is..."
Invitation and reply card created by Robin of Robin K Design!
Completely gorgeous!!
Just ONE of the many talented moms in our club!

As you can see, our color theme was pink, chocolate and green.  

I had the honor of making cupcakes and cookie favors for our special event.  I chose to do a double decker cookie for this.  Not sure what I was thinking (as if one cookies isn't enough), but they came out cute.
I hope the pictures tell the story...
The scallop is the top layer - hoping 
to resemble the scallop on the invitation.

I chose to make it green since that was
an accent color in our color scheme.

This it the completed cookie - a larger
circle was on the bottom.
I sugared both to give it sparkle
for our pretty event!
This is the cookie at each table setting.
I wrapped them to resemble a piece of candy.
See that cute paper?  It's our program outlining
the evening (thanks again to Robin)
all tucked into the pretty pink napkin.

We also created a HUGE sweet buffet consisting of cupcakes, candy and more cookies!

And some close-ups of my cupcakes...
Light pink with chocolate sprinkles!

Yep, those are cupcakes topped with cookies.  Fun.
Light pink with polka dots.
Bright pink with sparkle!

And here they are safe and sound at the event!

And for fun...enjoy a look at our tables.  

How sweet it was!!!
Such a fun night and a great reason
to bake my butt off.  

I'm blessed to be a part of such a great group of women.


  1. Everything looks so yummy!! I too am part of my local Moms group and it has been such a blessing!! Looked like a great time!!!

  2. Super fabulous Dawn. I love your presentation! I'm glad you have such wonderful friends!

  3. What a beautiful night! You guys did a great job! I am so sad that I missed it!

    Dawn- You are amazing with your work! Your ideas are always fresh and unique. I love your attention to detail and the stacked cookies are perfection!! I have a little "award" for you Thanks for being such an inspiring Momma!!

  4. Dawn, I was also a part of a MOMS Club when I lived in Michigan and it was a life saver for me, too. I met some awesome Mom's and friends for life. Your end of the year treats look awesome! Keep up all the sugar chic!