Thursday, July 15, 2010

Exciting News!

I am the Queen of long stories.  So I'm going to spare you the details and just say it.

If you happen to be in the Worthington, Ohio area and in the mood for some candy or a serving of Yours Truly, visit the sweetest little candy shop...

Starting on July 22nd,
they will be adding SugarChic
cookies to their plethora of sweetness!  

When Scott and I first moved to this area, we wanted to live in Worthington.  It has a quaint little downtown area (with a fabulous Farmer's Market on Saturdays) and is such a lovely town.  It's exciting to know that my cookies will be floating around the very place we hung out in our newlywed days.  We opted for Graeters as our evening snack, but now you can go to Emlolly for all your sweet needs.  SugarChic cookies on a whim?  Head on over!!!

Thank you to Emily and Melanie at Emlolly for this exciting opportunity!


  1. Congrats Dawn! What an amazing compliment to the amazing work you do! I so enjoy keeping up with your business via your blog! Your work is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Your friend from many years past,
    Kelly Milliken