Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hello Kitty!

I know Jill from high school.  Facebook connected us after all these years and she became a fan of SugarChic.  She has two daughters who were having a big Hello Kitty bash.  She requested their sparkly ages (3&5) and Hello Kitty cookies.  Jill lives in PA, which meant I had to send 3 dozen cookies.  As usual, the intimidation factor went way up!  Shipping AND Hello Kitty heads?  GULP!  I did not have a cutter for this cute cat so I improvised and borrowed a coloring book, which I used to make a stencil.
A bit tedious, but it was worth it!
Finished product of my cutting...
um, what now?????
I was agonizing over whether or not
I should sugar the head in white
or pipe it white and do all white
or pipe a black outline.

In the end, I decided to pipe a black outline
because the birthday invitation was like that.

This had to dry for a while since black
frosting likes to bleed into other colors.
A sparkly pink bow was just right.
Can't forget those sparkly
ages for the birthday girls.
These are quickly becoming
a request of many of my customers.
They're such a fun accent cookie 
for a birthday platter!

Happy Birthday,
Lily and Ava!
Thanks, Jill!!!


  1. Great job! I made the same ones a few months ago. has a "cat head" cookie cutter that I used...hand cutting is such a pain. Check it out! :o)

  2. so cute! I love these as friend is looking for a hello kitty cutter with that ribbon on it..not easy to find. the cat cookie cutter that i noticed doesn't have that cute ribbon on top.. and you hand cut them so neatly & evenly!

  3. they were perfect for at the pool, Dawn!
    You did a fantastic job.
    Thank You so much for adding your magic to the girls' fabulous party

  4. Great job! They really came out beautiful!

  5. You did a beautiful job, especially since they are handcut! I have been looking at buying this cutter, kills me that everyone asks such an outrageous price...but feel it would be worth having in the long run!

    Love looking at your stuff...amazing work!


  6. very cute! I always like the way black and white cookies look...these are perfect!