Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sweet Peas

When someone is going to have a baby within my circle of friends, it's usually the second or third baby.  We all met as mommies so we've been through the big shower and all that comes with a first child.  So instead of "showering" the mommy, we "sprinkle" her.  We usually meet somewhere for a meal and celebrate the little one that way.

We sprinkled Beth on Sunday.  She is due with her 2nd girl in a few weeks.  I've only done one other baby shower cookie and that was before SugarChic was even a thought.

I wanted to try something different and saw a few examples of peas in pods online.  Very cute ideas!
I gave it a shot!

I was a little annoyed that the baby faces and peas
weren't perfectly round...but in the end,
it didn't even matter!
I wrapped them as favors for each guest.
Then I made a few extras for Beth.

Happy Sprinkle, Beth!!!
We can't wait to meet the little one!


  1. hey dawn, got your comment...I think you prob meant to type "text", instead of "test", because I racked my brain for like 15 min wondering, "what is she talking about?"
    I use my (Adobe) photoshop program to edit my photo and add text and the font is actually one that I downloaded from
    check it out is is a super cute site with so many free downloadable fonts.
    hope that helps!!