Sunday, March 21, 2010

Leotards and Ponytails!

As SugarChic starts to linger outside of my little circle of friends and my MOMS Club, I am starting to get orders from people I've met briefly or not at all!  Julie is a teacher that works at my husband's school.  Her daughter, Katie turned 7 and had a gymnastics party.  When she asked me to do gymnastics cookie favors for the party, I said, "YES!"  Then, "GULP!"  I was excited, but I had so many different ideas in my head.  I wasn't sure if I could pull any of them off!  I ended up going in the fun direction and did little stick figure gymnasts on large circle cookies.

Different poses and jumps...

The came out cute, but they kinda go
against all that a gymnast is...
strong and muscular!  Ha!
Hey...they're happy gymnasts!
Eat your heart out, Mary Lou Retton!
Ready for all the little gymnasts at the party!
Happy 7th Birthday, Katie!  
Thank you, Julie!


  1. These are absolutely adorable! I love the color combo!

  2. Very creative! I love the colors too!!

  3. Dawn, these came out so cute! Couldn't picture them when you described them to me, but now that I see I really think they are perfect. Great job!

  4. Love Love Love~ These are so cute. I love the colours!