Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy 40th, Kathy!

My friend, Lori, asked me about a month ago to make 2 dozen cookies for a surprise 40th birthday party.  The birthday girl is musical so we decided on music notes with a funny saying.  I also added some wine/champagne glasses to the platter to break it up and add more color.  They came out pretty cute, but I didn't take many pictures!  I completely forgot until I was almost out the door to deliver them!  I quickly snapped these:

I didn't realize until AFTER the party (when I got a very sweet and complimentary email) that the party was for someone I know!  Happy 40th Kathy!  I hope it was wonderful!!!  

Lori, I hope you've recovered and you're up and at 'em!  :)

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