Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I don't have anything to "show" today, but I feel like I need to address something that many people have been asking...

"Where do you find the time to do this?"

I'm not even quite sure how to answer this.  It's my passion.  Some may call it a hobby.  We all make a little time for our hobbies.  So I do it during the times when I used to read my gossip and parent mags or watch The View.  That is usually during naptime...or most of time, when the kids go to bed for the night.  I have been averaging about one order a week, which is perfect for me.  I bake one night and decorate the next day/night, depending on the complexity.  So far - it's working for me.  I'll just adjust as things change.  Well, that's my plan, at least.  :)  And those magazines I used to read?  They are in stacks on the table next to my bed (to Scott's dismay).  Someday...

My kids are used to seeing me bake.  When Ben was about 8-10 months old and eating more table foods, I was really into "healthy bread/muffin" baking.  I was taking recipes for zucchini bread and tweaking them to be hyper healthy...whole wheat flour, flax meal, wheat germ, sweet potatoes etc.  Healthy on crack!!  Some creations were good and some where...not so.  But I loved it and I loved seeing Ben eat them!  As he got older, I let him help me.  

I made these muffins weekly for him, as I perfected the recipe.
He loved them.

So we baked.  Then Paige came along and baking kinda tapered off for awhile.  I adjusted to having two kids (only took about a YEAR!) and then I began baking again.  I do vow to go back to baking those muffins as soon as I get a handle on this SugarChic thing.  :)  In fact, it's been very hard for Ben to see me bake and decorate these cookies lately.  They appear and then they GO with not much left for him.  I only let the kids help me bake and cook things for our family.  So it's been tough for him to not be involved.  He wakes up every Saturday morning to cookies that I've made for someone else.  Let's just's killing him!  I think a family baking session is long overdue.  

Anyway, I have never been a ultra efficient person.  Efficiency has always been a "work in progress."  If you read my very first post on New Year's Eve, you will recall why that is.  I will say that each time I bake and decorate a batch of cookies, I am getting so much better at the process.  I've developed and borrowed little tips and tricks along the way.  For example, since I know I will be baking cut out cookies on a weekly basis, I am now measuring out my dry ingredients in large ziploc bags.  Today I made a new batch of dough.  Since I had the flour out, I just bagged up 3 batches of dry to use in my next 3 batches of dough.  That way, I don't have to measure when the time comes to make it.  I just have to soften the butter and measure my sugar and vanilla.  Easy.  

I am also learning where to put my time.  During the first few weeks of this, I was scouring the internet and reading books to help me learn.  While I still do that, I have decided it does not need to be a nightly thing.  My husband agrees!  If you know me, you know how I can become obsessed with something that I enjoy!!!  I'm passionate.  What can I say?

Did I answer the question?  I hope so.  :)

So in the meantime, I need to share my dear friend, Keri's new website.  She is also doing something she loves (and has been for some time) while being a SAHM.  She does beautiful work and puts her heart into each piece.  Are you wondering what I'm talking about?  Take a look here.

Cheers to taking time to do something you love and enjoy!!  Now I just need to find some passion for this class I'm finishing...deadline is March 1st!  Ha! 

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  1. I do the dry ingredients trick also, it is a huge time saver. I do it for cookie and cupcakes as well!
    Love the pic with your little guy on the counter!