Monday, January 25, 2010

Let's Bowl!

My neighbor's grandson had a 5th birthday party at the bowling alley this past weekend.  She asked me to make 2 dozen cookies for a platter and I immediately thought...ooooh bowling balls would fun and easy.  I ended up scrapping the ball idea and going with a cookie cutter I found from Copper Gifts.  It was my first copper cutter and now I understand the hype!  It is gorgeous, substantial, and strong.  (Yes, I just called a cookie cutter "gorgeous.")

If you can't tell, this is a bowling pin and ball.  OR I guess it could be a lowercase b.  :)

I am learning how to cut those shapes as close as I can so I am not working the dough too much. These cookies are 4"x 5"!  Big!

Baked and ready to be dressed.

My workstation...getting more efficient each time!

So the kids were in bed.  It was 8pm.  Scott was upstairs quarantined in the guest room with the flu the entire day.  I had a long, challenging day and I was ready to do this!!!  I put on Pandora - some easy-listening 80s music to relax.  Yes, kinda weird, but I was in THAT kind of mood.  This was going to be therapeutic...until...I panicked!!!  I realized I wasn't sure how to do this!!!  Then I realized I panic every time I sit down to do the first cookie.  These are not just creations for my family to enjoy.  People PAY me to do this.  I took a deep breath and piped a curve to complete the circle for the ball.  Once I did the first couple, I felt sooooo much better.  I was able to enjoy the much - that I forgot to take more pics of the process!!!

The only picture from my bowling cookie journey.  :)

The finished products!  Pretty cute, I thought!

Close up - I decided to go with a variety of colors for the balls.
They came out pretty neat and colorful for a kid's birthday party.

Packaged and ready...bye-bye bowling cookies!


  1. This project was definitely A STRIKE ;)

    You amaze me EVERY TIME! Wow! I can't wait to have a project for you... Maybe one of these days.

    Again, great job. Keep the blogging going - I enjoy it so much!

  2. Very cute! I just got an order for bowling cupcakes ~ I guess in the winter is a popular party. Great job, I love this cutter!

  3. I love the colors, especially the orange!

  4. Great job, Dawn! I enjoy seeing your creations!