Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catching Waves and Catching Up!

We are finishing up our week at the beach.  It has been so wonderful to escape reality for a just a bit and totally focus on family.  This is a truly special vacation for us because when we return, we have less than two weeks to finish packing and move into our new home.  My goal before we move is to get completely caught up on SugarChic's blog with orders I've done in the past month.  Please stick with me as we transition.  I know someday I will be keeping up with my blog on a regular basis!  :)  

 These were for a first communion for my friend, Amy's daughter.  Green is her favorite color.
 C for Corrine!
 Another first communion (forgot to take a shot of the crosses) for my friend, Christine's son.
C is for Carson!
 Teacher Appreciation at Eli Pinney Elementary
Predictable apples with an unexpected flair.
Thanks for the "shout out" Stacey!
 Bridal Shower Cookies...
Thank you, Carrie!
Diamond cookies for an
Alpha Delta Pi Founders Day Dinner...
I couldn't make it to the dinner, but 
I was happy to contribute in this special way!
Thank you!

Off to the beach, but more to come!

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  1. Great cookies and I hope you all are having fun on your vacation!! And congratulations on the new house!!