Thursday, May 26, 2011


So I was a little freaked out when Theresa asked me to do Tangled cookies for her daughter's birthday.  I went to straight to my cookie idol, Sugarbelle, of course.  (Thanks for the inspiration, Callye!)  Theresa wanted a soft pink and lavender palette to go with her decor.

 Rapunzel's tower and her cute little buddy.
Look closely and you will see pink and
lavender flowers on the vine!

This is also where I tied in the colors.
I wish I had a pic of the whole platter.

Thank you to Theresa!
Please check out Theresa's FB page!
Smidge and Pinch specializes in
"posh parties and cute cupcake kits!"


  1. These are lovely, great job! Its always so scary to make disney characters!!!

  2. I knew you could handle it! They turned out amazing.