Friday, February 25, 2011

The Essence of CARS.

So I am trying to avoid doing licensed characters.  They make me anxious and frankly, they are licensed and the last time I checked, I only have a license to drive a car.

When Jen asked me to do Cars (the movie) cookies for her son's 3rd bday, I agreed to "do" the essence of Cars.  His name is Ethan and he was turning 3.  Lightening McQueen and The King are two of his faves.  I put all that info together and came up with these for a platter of 2 dozen cookies.

Of course, 43 represents The King and 95 is the star!

This was a fun order and I'm glad it made me push myself to come up with something different.  I found a lot of inpiration online from several cookie idols I follow.  

Thank you, Jen!  Jen and I taught together waaay back when. Seriously, was that like 6 or 7 years ago???  Jen has 5 kids now and I am always amazed at her calm demeanor.

Happy Birthday, Ethan!
I hope you liked your cookies!

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