Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Amazing Spiderman!

My son turns 5 tomorrow.  (Cue sigh...)  As I sit here and reminisce about 5 years ago tonight and how giddy my husband and I were to welcome our first child the following morning, I am also recovering from his party we had this afternoon!  He had such a great time with all his friends.  I let him do all the choosing of party supplies, games, and...the cake design.  Yep, I gave up control (which is not like me).  He chose the classic Wilton cake pan in the spiderman mold.  (Cue BIG gulp...)
So I've done cakes...quite a few actually.  BUT they really scare me.  I get anxious and stressed.  They're just so big and that buttercream frosting is thick and just different from my cookie frosting.  Well, Ben got his cake and mom got a little bit of stress!  :)  Actually, once I got started, it wasn't so terrible, but I have such a respect for cake bakers!  I love to make my boy happy with baked goods so it was so worth it to me!
 He chose chocolate.  He's takes after me!
 So I figured when I turned it over, I would see all the
details molded into the cake.
See those lines for webbing?
Boy, was I wrong!
No lines, no details, what do I do?
This was when I got a little stressed
and started texting friends.
My friend (and babysitter to my kids), Ellie, told me to
treat it like a big cookie.
That is exactly what I did.
I followed the directions and covered the sides in white.
Okay, that was not so bad!
Now for the design that was supposed to create
I sat with a picture right next to my work area.
Eyes first.
See that yellow tool?  That is a scraper.
It's the most useful thing I have in my cookie tool box.
I use it all the time.  I have three.
Get it here.
 I started with the face webbing.
My first thought was,
"I have to do this all over the cake??!"
It took a bit longer than I thought it would.
That scraper was used A LOT!  I wish I would have taken pics of the scraped off icing.  Lots of mistakes and fixes!
Let's just say, I am so glad it was a 4pm party and...
I didn't get to wash my hair!
Sorry, kids.
After the black, it was time for blue.
To do this, I used a #14 star tip.
Spiderman was coming together!
The red totally completed him!
I decided to do some fun dots on the border
instead of the white shells that Wilton suggests.
Ready to fight crime!
I had a very happy birthday boy!

(He didn't even realize mom didn't have
time to make cookies!)

Happy Birthday to my Sweetness!

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  1. I just found your blog and I am in love with all your cookies! They are beautiful!! Just wanted to let you know :)