Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Belated Merry Christmas!

Hello Friends!  I hope you had a great holiday season!  Mine started with the stomach flu, but it ended with wonderful time with family and friends making memories.  The flu threw me way behind in my family obligations.  So that, of course, put me behind in my blogging obligations.  :)  There are a few orders I was never able to post.  So I thought I'd do that before 2011!!!  Here I am with a couple days to spare and hodgepodge of cookie pictures.  Hehe.

These were some initials for a birthday girl
named Maria!  Thanks, Margaret!
I appreciate your loyalty to SugarChic.

SugarChic Petites for a jewelry party.
These are a little over 1 inch and can you
believe this is 5 dozen?
Thank you, Jen!

More Petites for another jewelry party.
Thank you, Tiffany!

Through doing a few orders for Petites and also attending events with them, I have come to realize how perfect these are for a large crowd!  They can be boxed for a platter or even bagged in sets of 6 for individually treats.

These fun ones were for the OSU vs. Michigan game.
What great luck for those BUCKS!
Thank you to a new customer, Caroline!

These were for my son's friend's 5th birthday party.
It was a batman theme.
Happy Birthday, Noah.
Thanks, Marla!

So...the strangest thing took place this season.  I had to turn away several Christmas cookie orders due to the size of the Nutcracker order and the fact that I really wanted to put my all into my own holiday baking.  Well, when that stomach flu hit, I thought of two things...the first was, "WOW!  I'm glad I have no pending orders while I feel so awful.!"  The second?  I was sad that I wouldn't be able to decorate the 3 dozen I had baked for my family.  I had given up hope and then I woke up Christmas even morning feeling so much better.  We were leaving that afternoon to Nana's house.  I busted out the fastest decorating I've ever done.  I stuck with only 3 colors and pretty simple designs, but I MADE CHRISTMAS COOKIES!  My mother-in-law was thrilled!!!!  She had been waiting for these since last year.
You don't want to upset this cute lady!  Ha!
And these 2 kids were pretty happy too.

Now, the decorating was not my best due to time constraints, but they tasted great and they were DONE!!  I do wish I had better pictures. Some were taken with my iphone.  Much of my inspiration was from Callye (AKA - Sweet Sugarbelle).  She has such interesting ideas for taking a predictable cutter and making it so unpredictable.  Love that.  I hope to do more of it in 2011.

See that little penguin?
 He started as an ornament cutter.
Same with this guy!
Cool, huh?

Whew!!!  Talk about a cookie posting marathon!  Can you guess that one of my resolutions for the new year will be keeping up with my blog?  I can do this.

To kick that off, I am going to have my first ever giveaway on New Year's Day!  Please check back between now and then for more details.  I promise it will be way cute and ready for your Valentine's Day baking needs.  :)  

Have a great remainder of the 2010.  Check back soon to see info for the giveaway and more.


  1. You AMAZE Me with every post! You have such talent. Great job Dawn.

  2. Susan! Thank you so much! I just read your blog and I AM AMAZED by you. That post about Jana's hair made me tear up. You're definitely on my blog list now. :) Happy New Year!!!

  3. Love the pic of the kids and what a gorgeous MIL! Cookies are awesome too! Yeah on the giveaway! Always love them! Kerri