Monday, August 23, 2010

It's a Jungle Out There!!!

It really is.  I am soooooo behind.  In fact, I was IN BED early tonight and feeling guilty that I was in bed while my blog is sitting here with no new posts since August 11th!!!  I thought about how I check up on my favorite blogs and get sad when there are no new posts.  Then I pictured all my buddies checking my blog (probably not as much as I'm imagining, except maybe you Jen V!) and seeing the same flip flop post over and over again.  Then I pictured those same friends giving up on my blog because I don't keep up!  So I jumped on my laptop in bed (with Cake Boss on in the background) and here I am posting the next order, which was weeks ago!!!

Holly's daughter, Katie, turned 2 and she did a jungle themed party like this one.  So if you think the lion looks familiar, he sure does!  The monkey, however, is a new friend!  :)

All the Friends!
Someone we know.
Introducing...Miss Monkey.

This chick had a whole different look until 30 minutes before Holly picked up the order!  I wish I would have taken a pic, but let's just say my husband was calling her the monkey from Scream (the movie)!  I was trying to make her look like the monkey from the outfit Holly showed me.  Well, that was a disaster!  I ended up going with my gut and let's just say, I'm so glad I did!  I'm not saying Miss Monkey is gorgeous, but compared to the Scream one?  MUCH MUCH better!!!!

Thanks, Holly!
Happy Birthday, Katie!