Monday, August 2, 2010

The Cobbler's Children?

How does that saying go?  Something about the cobbler's children having no shoes because the cobbler is so busy making shoes for his customers?  Well, I often feel that way about my personal life vs. my SugarChic life.  Lately, I've been taking store bought food to parties.  This is something I never used to do...NOT because I'm opposed to it!  It was just because it gave me an opportunity to do what I love to do - cook and bake.  Now that I bake on a weekly basis, there is not much time left to bake for other reasons!!!

Where am I going with this?  Well, my daughter turned 2 on July 22nd.  Since the birth of my son, each party has been months of thought, preparation and time.  I realize now that it has been my creative outlet!  It was my way of using that creative energy before I exploded!  With the blessing of SugarChic, I am able to express my creativity in so many other ways!

We returned from our vacation on July 3rd and I still had no idea what I was doing for Paige.  Finally, I sent out an Evite and just said we'd have a laid back beach party since the chick loved the beach so much.  Laid back?  ME??????  Um, not so much.  So I sat on it and watched the RSVPs come in.  Eventually, I had a party forming via my Evite but that was it.  My motivation was just not there.  One week before the party I thought I might just cancel.  Then I decided...why not just go laid back?  So I did cupcakes instead of a big intimidating cake.  We grilled burgers and dogs instead of a fancy spread.  The temp was almost 100 degrees!  So we told everyone to come in beach attire.

Laid back is kinda nice.
The color scheme was a diversion from girly...
orange, teal, and sand.
Love these babysitter, Ellie
assembled them for me using Martha's instructions.
Thank you, Ellie!  I wish I had a pic of this great girl!
A quick and easy centerpiece using
scrapbook paper,
a fun "doily" I found a couple
years ago at Hobby Lobby,
shells from World Market,
a borrowed starfish and fish bowl,
sand from the sandbox in our backyard,
and a plastic shovel!
A simple beachy feel.

So...I was quite concerned that I had no time to make cookies for this party.  After all, Ben had some pretty elaborate Super Ben cookie favors for his 4th birthday party in February.  I actually had the cookies baked, but I had no time (or energy) to decorate them.
Poor sand castle (or lighthouse) cookies.
When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade!  Or in my case...when life hands you cookies, you make cookie'll see!
My handy dandy food processor!

Course crumbs.

So I said there would be no big complicated cake for this one.  I decided on cupcakes.  This is where the crumbs come in to play.  I went with that sand topped cupcake idea.  I'm sure you've seen it.  Quite cute and I knew my kids would like it.  I was going to use teddy grahams for the little beach goer until I found a jackpot in my own neighborhood!  Theresa owns a darling online store called Smidge and Pinch.  She sells baking supplies - the kind you won't find at your grocery store or even your closest hobby store.  We discovered she lives 30 seconds from me.  So I headed over there to get some cupcake liners and returned with SO MUCH MORE.  
Can you see those cute little ocean creatures?
Yes, darling and made of pure sugar!
Thank you, Theresa!
I topped the cookie crumb sand with
starfish, octopuses, turtles, and crabs.
The umbrellas are also from World Market.
My  husband did not understand the "blue sand"...
but I didn't care.  I just thought it was pretty.
It's a SugarChic cookie and cupcake all in one!

So enough chatter.  Here are some more party highlights.  Thanks for letting me share my "laid back" beach party.  

There was a very HOT breeze that kept blowing
out the candle!
The birthday girl enjoyed her cupcake, as always.
Her favorite part is the frosting.
Do you see Lia in the background?
She's been a HUGE help in my last 2 parties!
Thanks, Lia.
Paigey and my dear friend, Keri.
Paige loves her to pieces.  This is huge
because Paige is very particular about who
holds her, talks to her, or LOOKs at her.
That smile says it all.
Keri is a special girl in Paige's and my eyes!
Keri's son, Oscar and my Ben.  Silly boys!
A very HOT DOG!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my
Paigey Girl!


  1. what a lovely party set up! I love that blue sugar on the cupcakes! :D

  2. Your "laid back" effort looks 100 times better than my full blown attempts! You have such a talent!!!