Monday, June 28, 2010

A Shower of Flowers!

Ann was directed my way by a fellow baker in my neighborhood.  Thank you to Sweet Anne!  It was a last minute order for pink and white baby shower cookies.  The catch?  They had to fit in the these tiny boxes that she had already purchased!  She wanted hearts, but my hearts were too big so I scoured my cutters and discovered a new daisy cutter that just fit.  We ended up putting little hearts right on top of the daisy.  They looked darling.  But guess what?  In the rush (she brought the boxes the morning of and we packed them together), I forgot to take pics.  Here's what I have.

I almost love the look of
"naked cookies" more than
frosted ones.  

These are the only shots of the finished ones!

Thanks, Ann!  I'm glad I could help you out!

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