Monday, June 28, 2010

Father's Day...a little late.

Father's Day was a little over a week ago.  I kept with my usual Dad's Day tradition...blueberry pie!  Scott's mom made a different pie every season when he was growing up.  She is more of a cook than a baker, but pie is one baked item she does well!  She consistently uses a blueberry pie recipe from Scott's grandmother.  The key to "Scott's Favorite Pie" is NOT making it "jelly-like" at all.  The Zeolis like a very juicy blueberry pie.  I have tweaked my own blueberry pie recipe to make it more like Grandma Z's.  Let's just say Scott is all about sharing food...until I make his blueberry pie on Father's Day.  He does not like to share this.  But ya know what?  That's okay because he's generous with his food, time, money and love all year long.  So he can eat all his pie on the day we celebrate him as a Daddy.

I know some people like a very flaky crust
made with shortening.  This one is
ALL BUTTER and wonderful.
Blueberries, sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice,
and NOT TOO MUCH cornstarch
makes a perfect Zeoli Blueberry Pie.
Made with LOVE...
I am all about a "rustic" appearance
for a pie.  I think the non-perfect
look is appropriate!
Happy Father's Day to
a daddy who is always

I couldn't ask for a better dad for my kids.


  1. It looks delicious!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. What a sweet tribute to Scott!