Saturday, May 1, 2010

ROAR! King of the Jungle Cookies!

My friend, Marlana, asked me months ago to do 30 cookies for a baby shower for her SIL.  She provided me with a picture of the paper products/decor.  This is so helpful!
I immediately knew I wanted to do
the lion's head, the trees and polka dots
while using all the cute colors!
I decided to sugar the lion's heads.
I thought that would provide some
fun texture and POP!
That's his cute little whimsical mane.
Look at that face!
I decided at the last minute that he
should have the crown.
Did you forget what he looked like
from the paper plates?
 Okay, so my lion's chin is a bit wider.
Think Jay Leno as a lion. :)
Next up were the trees!
I can't tell you how much I loved
the look of these trees!!!
Aren't they fun?
My polka dots were...well, polka dots.
So I fancied them up a bit with some ribbon.
I've always loved seeing this
on my favorite cookie blogs.
This was my chance to tie up some cookies!
It wouldn't be me if I didn't take a pic
from every single angle!
I also threw in a few little crowns for fun.
I had some extra dough.
A crown fit for a King!
Thanks, Marlana!
It was SO great to see you!
Welcome to this world,
Little Daniel.


  1. What an adorable setting. I love the little trees and lions. Fabulous job as always, Dawn!

  2. Hi Dawn - I just found your blog via the CookiersRUs Forum and I am already a huge fan. Your cookies are amazing and I love your use of sugars as an added touch...who doesn't appreciate "sparkle" right? I look forward to stopping by often to see your latest creations!


  3. The cookies were a huge hit! Not only did they look fantastic- they tasted amazing! So many shower guests stopped me to say how much they loved them. Thanks for the wonderful work, Dawn!! I wish I would have taken a picture of them in the midst of the jungle themed table, but my camera died- boo.

  4. very cute! I love it when you have a design or theme to go off of! They turned out cute!

  5. I just discovered your blog, you do amazing things! Congratulations!
    Can i just ask you how thick you make your cookies?

  6. The cookies were amazing to say the least! Who know how perfect they would really be when I took that picture of the paper products! It was the perfect addition to the jungle theme table/house. Thank you! I should have posted something sooner than this.
    Jane (Daniel's gram)
    p.s. Marlana, I have pics