Sunday, March 28, 2010

Word of Mouth!

So this is my first order that has penetrated outside of my "circle of friends."  Kinda crazy!  Ashley got my name from someone I know.  She checked out this blog and VOILA! order.  Her daughter, Ellie, had her 2nd birthday party over the weekend.  She loves Dora the Explorer and thought it would be cute to have flower and butterfly cookies decorated in Dora colors.

I also decided to use a book for inspiration.  EVERY time I read this book to my daughter, I say to myself, "I NEED to make cookies that look like these illustrations!"  I just love them!

The book is adorable.
The little fireflies light up and Paige
has a blast when we read it.

So off I went...with Dora and fireflies as inspiration!

Equipped with Dora colors!

These are some of the centers of my flowers...I was really trying to
do some different kind of stuff here...unique.
I really loved how they came out.  I varied the
consistency of the icing from color to color...
this was on purpose so I had different textures.
I couldn't stop looking at them.

Can you tell I was partial to the flowers.
Sorry butterflies.
Happy Birthday, Ellie!
I hope you had fun!
Thanks, Ashley!


  1. Those are soooooo cute!!! I really love the colors!! Great Job!!

  2. Those are so cute !!

  3. These turned out so cute and the colors are perfect!