Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fly Away!

The bees are complete.  They've been delivered and I kinda miss them.  It's interesting how something can take hold of your life (yes, they are just cookies) for two days and then they're gone with one delivery.  I don't think I'll ever look at those black and yellow insects the in the same light.  If you're interested in seeing my first real start-to-finish process...enjoy.

Naked bees and ready to get dressed!

After lots of trial and error (not pictured), I decided this would be my first step.  Remember - much of this is all new to me. I knew I wanted the wings to be white and sparkly, yet still whimsical...somehow.

My work station...I learned a new trick this week for sanding sugar.  Instead of using wax paper which I have used in the past so I can funnel it back into my container, I used a coffee filter.  This provided smaller and easier to control catchall for the sugar - less bouncing and spilling, etc.  I also learned some new tricks for keeping my icing organized and a more efficient way of using it.

Yellow bodies, white wings covered in white sanding sugar, with a little "whimsy" (my new favorite word) piped on.  I felt good, but I was soooo nervous about that black icing!!!  White and yellow were fairly easy to work with AND easy to fix!  Black is not as forgivable, but it's a great color for outling and a necessity for making BEES!  Not to mention, the body needed some texture and interest.

After more trial and error (not pictured), I have a bee.  I soooo wanted that face to be more charming, but the little guy was just too small to give him more expression.  I couldn't make him faceless because I wanted some personality.  So we have a happy little honey bee.
Something was still missing.


I felt like the heart gave him more personality without adding it to his face.
It was also a little pop of color and texture that was absent.  A honey bee with heart.  :)

Time to package them!  Take a look at my logo!  :)

Logo up close and personal.  :)

Bye Bye Bees!

What's next?  Spidermen, bowling balls, musical notes and super heroes are on deck.  Fun!


  1. Dawn, they are absolutely darling! I loved watching the naked bees get dressed -- and the hearts just make the whole cookie. Too too sweet! Packaging is so "you". Keep up the hard work - and the blogging too. XO

  2. Good job Dawn. The bees are so cute!

  3. Dawn - as always, I'm so impressed! Love the cookies and even love how organized you are with the label and cute pink box - very impressive and adorably cute.

  4. Very awesome! love the packaging! all this and little kids....WOW!

  5. These are the cutest bee cookies in the history of bee cookies!!!! Who ever ordered these must have FLIPPED OUT!! Too cute Dawn.. you are awesome at this....

  6. So cute - love the logo!